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This forum used to be mainly composed of people trying the kind of builds you are talking about, and making a success of it in some cases. But most of the people attending here are now impressively qualified, so you tend to get the pro view, as opposed to the can do view. In '05 ish there were people who did the mapp torch and silver solder thing. I was working my way through every alternative technology available, which is a costly and pretty pointless endeavor. I don't know where you go to learn alternative methods. Sooner or later the status quo shows up.

There are work arounds for almost everything, but bike building normally does involve some very expensive tools you won't be able to offset within two frames. Various reamers for instance, unless you live near that mythical bike store that can't wait to run their precious reamers through your project, and assume some liability along the way.

1) I wouldn't consider putting my first or second frame under my wife.

2) You can make frames that outperform stock frames easily in certain categories. Fit, if you don't fit easily off the rack; Without changing anything too crazy you may have a long list of preferences for braze ons or other features you want on your frame. I have a particular ultra light kick stand I make and fit to the frame, for instance; You may be able to get sufficient advice to use appropriate tubing for your particular size and use. This is more likely if you are out of the fairly narrow band frames are built for; Better workmanship is not likely on your first frame unless you come with some skills.

A lot of the issues fall by the wayside if you are bonding a bike, rather than welding and brazing. Various wood, bamboo, or carbon designs can be easily made because there is very little distortion to deal with, and the heat doesn't deform pre-made parts.
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