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Originally Posted by TaintedRide View Post
Why is everyone acting like you can't ride a single speed bike farther than the end of your drive way?
I've never said that.
Only that SS bikes in general, and bikes that don't allow efficient seated riding in particular aren't good bikes for doing longer distances.

Sure it CAN be done. People have done stranger things, crossed the Rockies on unicycles, ridden round the World on Penny-Farthings, Coast-to-coast, on a BMX, backwards. etc etc.

For most people, it's still not the best tool for the job, now when options are available.

Originally Posted by TaintedRide View Post
I remember having only one BMX bike 20" and I rode it everywhere.

I had a 24" banana seat bike, and rode that "everywhere".
When I got a 28" 3-speed, my definition of "everywhere" suddenly became a lot bigger.

When I bought a 2x6 drop bar road bike, "everywhere" got bigger again.

Now "everywhere" is only limited by time available and interest in doing the ride.
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