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Originally Posted by Hinge View Post
With my Tern Verge, I disassemble the bike quite a bit. It's total overkill, but knowing how rough baggage handlers are, I don't want to risk arriving with a damaged bike.

Generally, here's what I take off: chain, rear derailleur with hangar, handlepost, handlebars, seat/seatpost, one of the V-brake calipers, pedals (but they're QR so that doesn't really count), fenders get zip tied around wheels.

Then I wrap everything in foam/bubble wrap, including the frame & fork. I have a 1/2" layer of foam on the inside of the suitcase and I also put a crush protector in the middle of it.

It is a very lengthy and tedious process. I give myself about half a day to do it. I dread it actually, but I can't risk any damage in transit.
I would prefer using a larger case in all dimensions. Then fill up the space around the bike with packaging foam, sport shoes, towel, etc. Than dismantling of the bike is not necessary IMO.

Or you could prepare latex foam, by cutting the exact form of the bike out with a sharp knife, and make the foam fit snugly in the case. You could use an old matress for that.
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