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Originally Posted by Pinigis View Post
Did you happen to take any photos of the packing process? It would be interesting to see.
Here are pix and instructions.

Down this thread, in comment #8, reppans advises letting air out of the tires, something that's not mentioned on the xootr page. I have chubby Schwalbe Marathons (and I like 'em) on my Swift. Bleeding some air from the Schwalbes is essential. On the other hand, if your bike has skinny tires, releasing some air may be unnecessary.

In other threads, there's been mention of struts (e.g.: pvc tubes and closed-end flanges) to brace the suitcase against being compressed. I found with my bike packed along with the other stuff I was schlepping there was no clearance for struts. To protect against compression, I taped five or six 3" squares of corrugated cardboard together, punched a " hole in the center, and secured this sandwich to the exposed end of the rear wheel's axle in xooter's step #15.

In steps 5 and 6, xooter directs you to merely remove the chain from the chain ring and bag it while it's still looped through the derrailleur. Trying to reassemble the bike, I found the chain had tied itself into a marvelous knot. The next time and subsequently, I finessed this by removing the chain entirely (quick release link) and bagging it separately. At the end of a tour, when the chain might not be too clean, packing the chain in its own bag is a really good idea.
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