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Originally Posted by supton View Post
Last weekend I did this stretch:!8i6656
Doesn't look bad here, 'cuz the map is old. It's way more cracked now. 55mph road, but with little traffic. This section is a 13mph grind going up and 20+ coming down. I spent more time dodging road cracks than pedaling...
Better shot:!8i6656
And you're supposed to ride on that shoulder (I know I wouldn't ride on a 55mph road if it doesn't have a large enough shoulder)? That road is not cycling friendly that's for sure...

Originally Posted by Machka View Post
I looked at three of them and wondered the same thing ... they look like normal roads to me.

This one here, for example, look really quite good ... complete with little shoulder. @SylvainG ... you're lucky!!8i6656?hl=fr
Didn't show the bad stretch. Here's a better view of it.!8i6656?hl=fr

But yeah, compared to others, I don't have it "that bad". I had no point of reference hence why I started the thread
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