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Originally Posted by ramzilla View Post
Of course it's rideable. Stop being a bike snob. Straighten out the wheel, put some new tires on it & take it to the co op or Goodwill. That might be a dream come true bike for a lonely kid somewhere. It's much too nice for the trash bin.
+1000. While it's probably not anybody's first pick for a 50-mile ride, this is a genuinely great choice for a college student to ride and keep on campus, or a commuter to keep locked at the train station, or pretty much anybody to use for shopping/commuting trips under 5 miles or so. A Nishiki is a solid, well-built bike; it's also a great bike to learn your mechanical skills on (which it sounds like you're ready to do). If it were me, I'd replace that spoke, true the wheels, put a new set of 27 x 1 1/4s from Performance or Nashbar on it, and either A) ride it, B) sell it on Craigslist for $85-140, depending on your market, or C) give it to a co-op. I'd take those shortie fenders off and sell them separately.
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