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Originally Posted by corrado33 View Post
People have toured on aluminum rims for decades. They put as much or much more weight on their rims as you do.

If you bought steel rims for the "strength" you purchased incorrectly.

You basically just bought an inferior product for no reason.

Have you actually weighed the new steel wheels? Have you made the comparison? They are pretty light.

Yeah, I'll give you a reason, MONEY. The green stuff, capiche.

People have toured on aluminum rims and gotten broken spokes for decades too.

I'm glad people have lots of money to burn for extra wheels. Sure, $90 compared to $25 or wherever else, the ratio probably holds up.

Around town, it will be fine, I said camping and nothing about touring.

Too many aluminum rear wheels have broken spokes. For an emergency, I'm please with this situation.

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