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Bikes are okay, I guess.
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At the co-op

Decided to start a new thread for this. Bikes seen at the co-op are not really "in the wild" so don't qualify for that thread and I have not dragged these home so they don't qualify for the "saved" thread, but I want to show these finds off in case anyone wants one. Some have been there a while and may never budge or they may be gone tomorrow. Anyway, enjoy and add your local finds if you feel like it.

First is a Panasonic in their tiny 17" frame that was extremely distinctive back in the '80s. The shop sticker is from my old alma mater, Two Wheel Travel, now gone for many years. I might have assembled and/or sold this bike 35 years ago.
Panasonic Sport.jpg

Next is another Panasonic, a Team Europe II. Never seen one in the metal.
Panasonic Team Europe II.jpg

Bad photo of a sentimental favorite, a Panasonic Tourist 5, the embodiment of the archetypal nice little bike. User friendly with the Shimano FFS and bulletproof wheels and full color-matched fenders. I gave my sister one of these with a baby seat on it when she had her kid. Neither of them got into biking, sadly. I like these bikes so much I really should save this one to prove a point but I do not need it. I do not. Really. Honest.
Panasonic Tourist 5.jpg

Specialized Sirrus, an early one with SunTour GPX on it. Close enough to my size that I'd be tempted if it were a lot cheaper.

Gitane mixte, a later one without the foil stickers. Just does not look right that way.
Gitane mixte.JPG

Saving the best for last, a little clown bike. Really should get this one, too, but the same rules apply.
Clown bike.jpg
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