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Originally Posted by Garfield Cat View Post
Whenever you watch a You Tube demonstration of hand pumps, its never with a a rider who is like 5'-2" and 105 lbs. OK, given that she would only pump a road tire only to 85lbs. Still, I would say all mini pumps rely on arm strength.

That is why the Road Morph is different. It works like a floor pump where arm strength is not the main thing. Yet, I see even on You Tube demonstrations, the person not using their own weight and leg strength to pump up the tire.
Yup ^ Exactly why I love the Road Morph. I don't have the strength to use the other style of pumps. I'm barely 5'4 & 125 lbs so my road tires only need to get into the 60-70s, but still around 30 psi I have to really start using my weight to get it any higher.

For the pump attachment - It does come with a mount to attach in place of a bottle cage, or with zip ties elsewhere on the frame...But you can also still buy the side mount for under the cage, part Tpd-2c Bracket.
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