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@2_i At this point there's only one other adapter on Shapeways and if it's the one you purchased then I can tell you what the problem with it is and it's not the porosity of the material .. If you still have it look at the slot cutout and you'll notice it's a rectangle. The Topeak is designed to have a beveled slot. When I got it I had to fight to get it to slide in and out of the mount. I then tried a file and still wasn't happy. Also, it has sharp corners which are a bit hard on the hand another negative. I started thinking, I'm an engineer, have access to high end modelling software and I can do better than this. If you still have the one you purchased look at the slot then look at the slot in my rendered image you'll see it looks like the original Topeak so far less friction when attaching then the other... I'd say my mount takes about the same amount of effort as the Topeak. I marked it up by $3 if you want to try it out I have no problem knocking off my markup as my intent isn't to profit from this as much as to be able to cover the cost of printing or shipping for some other ideas I have.

I'm attaching photos to show what I mean but it's difficult to pull out detail on such a small piece. I really don't mean to bash the other guys work but like you was unimpressed enough to pull it off of my case and in my opinion make a proper mount.
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