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1982-ish Peugeot with Disk Brake

I finally had a chance to test my old Peugeot with its disk brake fork. Itís not quite the right fit yet (the stretch to the brake levers is a cm or two long, and I want to move the stem up about 15 mm) but I had a chance to see what it would do. Unfortunately it was sunny and dry as a bone, given that I built this to see how a disk would do in the rain!

As @fietsbob commented in another thread, the bike with this fork handles differently from my other old Peugeots. I did not have a long enough ride to figure out just what it was doing, though. It seemed sluggish at times yet arguably twitchy at others. I should note that the wheels and tires are very different from my usual Velocity Aeroheats with Compass tires. These wheels are wider and heavier (Velocity Dyad on the read, Weinmann ZAC 19 in front, with 32 mm Gatorskins.) But overall, the bike did not exhibit any bad behavior, and the brakes worked fine.

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