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That's a frankenbike! As long as you ride the snot out of it, I like it!

Regarding brake lever position, they're not too low! From the first pic, it looks like his bars could be pointed a tad higher, so the handlebar thru the top bend is level. Then the brake lever should be lowered so the top of the hood is also level. Those bars are a bit funky as the bottom part angles way down, so you'll never get that part close to level, or only slightly drooping. Making the bottom of the brake lever the same as the bottom of the bar would only distort the angle between the bar and the top of the hoods, where you have hand contact.

Is that a 180 mm rotor up front? A 160 or 140 might be a better match for your rear brake.

And you'll get more points if you cut the steer once you finalize fit.
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