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The Klein comes out of hibernation!

Slight cold wind.
28 degrees.
Pretty dreary winter day.

But the catch here is that the roads are very dry. Dirty with winter debris, yes, but dry. No snow, no rain, no melting, no salt, no sand....just dirty and dry.

Not only did I decide to try a ride outside, I even took the good bike and left the backup bike on the trainer in the basement.

Strange thing happened on the Klein. The Campy Veloce must have been napping! It shifted fine when I hung it up for the season in fall, but when I went to the thumb button to go up a gear....nothing happened. I tried going down a gear....nothing happenend.

I tried a second time and nothing happened.

Third time was a charm....she popped and never belched again!

Anyway....cold as heck but safe and dry and a real treat to get 25 miles in...the first miles of the '06 outdoor season for me. In fact, the forecast has no mention of snow next week...maybe more miles coming on the Klein.

Yikes...out of shape. The old hip is stiff, legs sore, breathing rough...oh well, gotta start somewhere.
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