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Originally Posted by gonzumzum View Post
...I need a do it all bike...I'll try to make some errands by bike...i plan to take my son with me...considering some big trips for the summer...
29ers have forks with an axle-to-crown distance (ATCD) of 440-470mm. A Surly Ogre fork might work provided the MTB is compatible with a 1.125" steerer tube, either directly or with adapter.

Other issues to resolve would be rack fitting, fender fitment, handlebar/brake lever/shifter/brake caliper/fork compatibility. Conversion can be relatively simple/inexpensive or not, depending on your choice of MTB, skill and/or budget.

Based on OP, it seems that a dedicated touring bike like Surly Disc Trucker could serve all of your needs - why bother with the MTB conversion? How about a touring-capable 29er? If panniers are not required, then you could use most any bike and simply add a cargo and/or child capable trailer as needed. When you no longer need the trailer you can sell it and recover at least half your cost. I had a BoB Yak Anniversary model that I bought new for $175, then sold it 5 years later on eBay for $200, and the buyer even came to my doorstep to pick it up.

Originally Posted by Brian25 View Post
...You will need to measure the distance from the bottom of the lower headset fork race crown, to the axle center (in millimeters), and find a fork with as close to exact the same distance. If you just put whatever fork on the bike, then it will greatly affect the handling of the bike. (in a negative way) It can be difficult to find the right fork.

I have done this for several fork/frame combinations and found that +/- 10mm from nominal ATCD will work with no noticeable handling difference. Each centimeter of ATCD change causes STA and HTA to change by ~1 degree. More than 1cm of ATCD change is feasible depending on bike/use, but then you must also begin to consider effect upon BB height and standover clearance.
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