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Originally Posted by gonzumzum View Post
Hi all....
Here is the situation.

I need a do it all bike.

My city is becoming more and more bike friendly, and as such, ill try to make some errands by bike during the week.
As the weather is becoming better now, i plan to take my (almost 1 year) son with me, by bike, to the weekend lunch at my relatives places.

And since my new professional state may allow me to take one, or one and a half month vacation in summer, i am considering some big trips for the summer (i always mix road and offroad on tours).

My plan was to buy a under 700$ euro hardtail 29er, put a rigid fork for simplicity (for some hardcore stuff i have another bike) and additional possibilities with racks. For this budget, i can already buy a bike with decent frame, brakes and gears. I was thinking about a Specialized Hardrock, Cube Aim or GT Avalanche.

I have seen some Surly Forks, which seem to fit the internal radius of the frame. Somehow, i have not found many people who have done the same. Am i missing something, are there any other options i should consider or what?

Thanks for your input!
Welcome to BF!

Those bikes you listed are entry-level. Take the Hard Rock, for instance. Great name in bikes, but the lesser models leave a lot to be desired. Cheap wheels, cheap tires, and cheap components = a turd. I am of the opinion that its hard to improve a turd. A turd with a diamond stuck in it is still a turd.

My advice is to simply spend the extra money and buy yourself a Surly Ogre. It will fill all of your stated needs and then some. First of all, you'll appreciate the geometry more than any MTB bike for sure. It'll carry you and your gear many, many kilometers in comfort than a cheap MTB. It has a full compliment of braze-ons and barnacles to mount nearly anything you desire. Its steel. You can mount fenders, racks, kiddie seats or whatever you want. My motto is buy-once-cry-once.

Just my advice, but do what you see fit.
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