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Really confused about front derailers

OK, another project Iím working on is upgrading the gear set on a comfort bike. (I love to go on ďslow rollĒ rides with groups in the area, and prefer to ride my comfort bike to my Hybrid (or road) bike. The bike bike currently has a 3x8 set up. I have decided on going to a 9 speed very wide ratio cassette, a deore 9 speed long cage derailer, and deore shifter.

But I would like to upgrade the front derailer as well. Thinking deore or 105 but Iím really stuck on what ďtypeĒ of derailer I need. The current front derailer is a clamp on. The shifting cable comes from under the bottom bracket, but the wraps around part of the derailer to fasten in front. If you follow, the cable pulls down, but because it wraps around it is actually pulling up on the pivot. So I donít know what kind of derailer that makes it.

Iím sure Iím not wording this well, but I hope you understand what Iím asking.

One of the main reasons Iím doing this is so I donít have to use the small ring. Only once or twice I have to use the small ring per ride. But shifting from the small ring to the middle ring seldom works. Iíve played with it, and two different LBS have played with it. Shifts fine on the stand, almost wonít shift on the road. I donít know if a better derailed will help, but Iím thinking Iím going to good stuff in the back, why not try good stuff in the front?

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