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Originally Posted by Trevtassie View Post
I've never measured one, it's just what I remember being told, and took it as gospel....
Originally Posted by himespau View Post
same here as I've been told this over and over.
I remember someone in a previous thread pointing out one certain manufacturer that received an inquiry about threading one of their threadless forks. They advised against it, stating that their steerers were thinner and wouldn't tolerate the process. I can't remember the brand though. Ah...... found it. Surly.

No! Don't do it. Really, just don't; It's unsafe. The wall thickness of our forks' steer tubes is too thin to thread safely, and as well as the inside diameter won't be right for your quill stem.
I was going to make a 1-1/8" threaded bike a few years ago. I already had a threadless fork and the wall thickness was 1/16". Same as a one inch threaded fork, same as a 1-1/8" threaded fork. I got into some interesting debates on the subject here. Most folks saying that it was a bad idea. Since then, curiosity has caused me to measure every 1-1/8" threadless fork that crosses my path. So far they've all been the same. 1-1/8" OD and 1" ID.
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