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Originally Posted by jonwvara View Post
I'm going to ask some experienced frame builders what they think of the idea, but at this point it seems likely to me that there's no difference between the tubing used for either type of steerer.
I'm not claiming to be an experienced frame builder, but I am an engineer, and I can read a spec.

Here's the Columbus spec for threadless

1.55mm wall thickness on non-butted (top of the steerer) end.

Here's the Columbus spec for threaded

1.55mm wall thickness on threaded end.

Drawing on my several semesters of mathematics, I contend that A=B. My engineering training leads me to conclude that one can thread a threadless steerer. My LBS and framebuilding experience leads me to believe you should find someone that is competent and experienced in performing this task.

Edit: somewhere along the way I forgot that the OP has a 1-1/8" steerer. My answer remains the same, Columbus spec is 1.55mm wall thickness as well. I'm fairly certain the ID on 1-1/8" steerers is consistent, otherwise you'd find various size star washers, no?
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