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Originally Posted by blakcloud View Post
I think you made a very good point here and I wonder if this will happen with the Helix brand? The focus of this thread has changed in different directions over its long haul but it has shifted to seeing a complete bike built. Even if a bike is built, can Helix deliver it to the backers at the price they paid or will they do something different like try to establish their brand?
Seeing all the effort put into creating manufacturing facilities, it seems to me obvious that Peter tries to create a brand and did not create all this to only produce the backers and pre-ordered bikes.

If he succeed in creating a brand, he must deliver the pre-ordered bikes which are normal sales. If he doesn't, he must at least refund all pre-orders.

For the backers bike, nothing forces him to deliver bikes but for the success of the brand, he should deliver them. Not delivering them would be a disaster from a marketing point of view.
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