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Originally Posted by smallboats View Post

Agreed. It has been 13 months since the last public disclosure of information from the creator with the April 6, 2017 blog entry on the website. This is a one man operation that has all the outward appearances of being a KickFail.

The blog entries use present tense sentence structure to imply the bike is alraedy being manufactured. It is not. Who is on the "Helix team?" What is the physical address of the "Helix factory?" How about a picture of the boxes that will be used to ship the bikes? If a few bikes were made for testing, provide one to a reviewer for some free publicity.

Is there anyone in the Toronto area willing to locate the "Helix factory" and provide a few pictures of the exterior of the building? If yes, please take a moment to knock on the door during normal business hours.

Those of us who've plunked down money for one have received periodic updates.
We get pix, progress reports, & videos of things like the robot welding frame parts.
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