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Originally Posted by RobotGuy View Post
We are talking about a freakin bike frame here. Even Elon Musk has a better track record on making deadlines... and his product puts cars in orbit.

if it were me, I would have started with high quality steel and contracted a Chinese or Taiwanese bike builder. I would’ve had that bike to market in 12 months At half the price.
Elon Musk is not sending cars to space with a team of four people, nor did he start with ~2.5 million dollars; He was an established entrepreneur who had made billions from the sale of PayPal and has attracted teams of unbelievably smart people to work with him, and together they have gradually developed a lot of amazing technology. What Musk has achieved is incredible, but I don't really see the point in comparing Peter Boutakis to him.

Also, I don't know if it has been stated in any of the public blog posts, but Boutakis did originally try working with companies experienced in manufacture of Ti cars as well as Taiwanese bike companies. This didn't go well, for whatever reason, so in the end he decided to Kickstart his invention. He's made lots of mistakes, but seems to have always been focused on his vision of the "world's best folding bike", and has had an uncompromising attitude towards producing a bike that meets all his design goals throughout. I'm sure this perfectionism has played a huge part in the long wait for Helix, and we still don't know if the bike is going to a. get shipped or b. be any good, but things are starting to look up, and I believe they have actually begun manufacture based on all the latest (non-public) blog updates. I'm sure we all wish they would start shipping bikes sooner, but until they do, I'm sure most of us have other things to do and other bikes to ride.

But yes, maybe he should have made the Kickstarter bikes from steel and had them weigh closer to 20kg. With the unique frame design it would have still been quite compelling, and maybe they would have been able to ship bikes by now. Still, I'm really looking forward to the Ti bikes being shipped this year, even if they cost twice the price and took 2-3 times as long to make.
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