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Originally Posted by smallboats View Post
Is there anyone in the Toronto area willing to locate the "Helix factory" and provide a few pictures of the exterior of the building? If yes, please take a moment to knock on the door during normal business hours.
I live in Toronto.

Helix backers on this forum can attest to claims made below.

I elucidated the location of the factory, 4chan-esque style, and provided details in the backers' forum. It was information I felt backers were entitled to (since Helix was not volunteering it after collecting so much money) hence rationalized the doxxing.

Having the address, no need to take photos of the exterior. It's on the street view of online maps - if you have the address. I visited the factory during off hours, walked around and, without going into details, came to the satisfactory conclusion that this is indeed the Helix factory. I noted in the post in the backers' forum that, despite not having gone inside, based on what I saw backers can take my word that there is no further doubt it is a legitimate operation.

Based on the doxxing, my understanding is that a backer from England visited the factory during business hours without consent and went inside. This was contrary to my assertion in the backer's forum now that we can be rest assured the project is legit, we can let the man (who I now refer to as Big Bro) to go about his work undisturbed, let alone get a surprise visit.

This was quite some while before Big Brother expelled me as a backer (it was for some other matter last November). I do wonder, however, with all this chat about transferring ownership, what happens now to my assigned bike. They have serial numbers and mine is/was in the 300s based on pledge order back in September 2015.

Despite the animus, I will not disclose the Helix factory location, at least publicly such as on this forum.

Originally Posted by RobotGuy View Post
edit - good news. They’re advertising for a TIG welder. They say they’re in North York, a suburb of Toronto. Pay them a visit.
Actually, it's not a suburb. It's outside the city core but technically still within boundary of the City. North York is a borough within the consolidated City of Toronto. It was a suburb in the past century of what was called Toronto then before annexation of the various boroughs. It's like New York. The City of Toronto nowadays is itself part of a large region known as the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) comprised of Toronto and numerous suburbs (suburbs in the conventional sense).

It's bad news actually. If after years of tests upon tests, Helix NOW needs a hand-welder, it casts doubt in the once boasted robotic inert chamber welding process.

Read above for visiting them during operational hours. Big Bro doesn't want it. One would think he would be welcoming of backers at least - come inside, let's have a coffee. Something to hide?

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