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Originally Posted by RichardLee View Post
To clarify, what I'm getting at is whether the enormous investment in an inert this or that robotic such and such has turned out dismal. And thus whether they're now falling back to good old fashion hand welding for frames of production bikes.

If so, there are numerous implications particularly for quality consistency and production rate, let alone what happened to all that Kickstarter capital, company finances and viability. Sure it's speculative, but so far there hasn't been absolute confirmation of what was touted since circa mid-2016.
My goodness. I only posted it because it seems approximately no one on earth has ever seen this place and here they are hiring... so at least they exist. Good news.

I’m not vouching for these guys, but you are speculating based on zero staffing knowledge and zero production welding knowledge. This is a silly discussion.

In all likelihood, they needed more quality assurance / production oversight and need a welder, not even to actually weld. They just need someone skilled and experienced in welding so they know what they’re looking at.

or they tossed the robot out the back door and they need a welder to operate the torch that’s gonna cut it up and turn it into beer can scrap.

One can only guess.

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