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Originally Posted by RichardLee View Post
This is one of those "why didn't I think of it before". Closer examination of that job posting:

This position requires top level TIG welding and fabrication skills to assist lead robot TIG weld engineer.
  • Set up parts and components in fixtures and load/unload robot weld cell
So your earlier, non-jesting theory in #1075 is correct.

The 2 earlier hires were acquaintances of Peter, one being his teacher, the other I got the impression not a direct acquaintance but possibly through the teacher. So this is the first known job advert for an "outsider".

Reading job ads can provide clues to inner workings of a company and upcoming products. Take for example the very secretive Apple corporation. Independent analysts and websites scour patent filings and job ads to deduce what they're working on..
see that? Good news! Figured that was what they needed... I picked my screen name because industrial robotics is what I do... and what I teach. These robots are great repeaters of tasks, but they don’t load themselves and dont run themselves.
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