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Originally Posted by linberl View Post
I get it. I'm going to direct you to a forum where the people know e bike batteries from a scientific point of view, user point of view, etc. These folks know their stuff. If you find a bike you like, you can always check in with them about the specific unit. You also may be able to get suggestions from other cold weather e-bike owners as well. https://endless-sphere.com/forums/vi...f039aad35f623d

There are battery specific forums (as above) and also ebike user forums. I've learned a TON from reading their postings. I'd bet if you post your concern you will find a number of solutions =)
Thanks again for your reply. and the link. You are right about 'endless sphere' it is a very rich source of information.

For many, ebikes are a way of staying in the bike game after various (human) body parts start to fail. That's a huge reward.

But I'm beginning to understand why the board promotes certain brands. It isn't that other brands might not be as good, it's getting the knowledge base about them to verify that they are 'as good' (or better, or worse).

Below is an example of the kinds of specifications I like to see about bikes, or for that matter about anything: detail and a standardized scale of relative performance. In this case, it is about how much water exposure is acceptable for a given rating, which tells one what would constitute abuse for the bike: Because simply being told, as we were, "Don't ride it in the rain" isn't much help, when rain could be a foggy drizzle or a downpour.

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