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Originally Posted by Nightcap View Post

Good question, and I should have been clearer. Iím a geek, I want to know how the systems work. The only maintenance Iím planning to do is cleaning, lubing, and fixing a flat, but Iíd like to understand things well enough to know what Iím talking about when I hand it over to the bike doctor at the Local Bike Shop.

Just got back from a 20+ mile shakedown cruise. God, the Roll is a comfortable bike!
Welcome back to biking! Gearing, brakes, wheels, etc., are all fairly similar regardless of the brand bike. The Sheldon Brown website has a topic by topic explanation of bike systems. Fairly comprehensive and with good depth.

If you really get into the techno-history of bike gearing systems The Dancing Chain is quite a book. Not to start off with though.
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