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Originally Posted by NameTaken View Post
Sorry to say it, and this is in no way directed at anyone in particular, but a lot of you people seem like overly sensitive, judgmental ******** and I'm not the type that is going to just let a person I barely know go off on me because I didn't lead the pack properly. I don't want to be angry, I don't like me when I'm angry.
In my experience, the loudest, most obnoxious people on group rides typically tend to be the ones who want everyone else to think they're fast when they know they aren't.

The most important things in a pace line are smoothness and safety. As long as you're not sprinting off the front as you roll through, leaving huge gaps all throughout the line, or barely skirting by objects without calling them out, most likely no one will say anything (though hopefully you'll get a few positive "nice pull" comments or the like).

You don't need a speedometer or a powermeter or anything of the like. You just roll up by the person pulling off, wait until you clear them, and then move over yourself. Very smooth, very seamless, very quick. If you're not constantly rotating, then you simply maintain the speed the person in front of you was doing for 30-45 seconds and then slowly drift left and ease off the pedals a bit until the person behind you passes. While on the front, you keep the gear the same and the cadence the same, and the speed will be the same. Come to a hill, shift up and continue s similar effort. Going down a hill, shift down and keep pedaling.

It's really not nearly as complicated or serious as some would like it to appear.
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