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Originally Posted by kbarch View Post
Are you serious? You know, not being a Cat 1 racer does not equal "complete inexperience." Perhaps you take your own considerable training and experience too much for granted.
Most people have a pretty good sense of the level of effort they're putting out as they pedal, but I'd submit that unless they've ridden with a computer or made a point of counting pedals strokes, (or are musicians) most riders wouldn't have the slightest clue what there cadence is, ever. People ride for years without paying any attention to cadence. Combine that with the fact that conditions can vary very gradually, especially on essentially/seemingly flat roads, it takes quite a while (relatively speaking) before many riders even realize they've slowed down or speeded up.
never made it to Cat 1, but I've ridden a fair amount. It's really not a big trick to ride and pull smoothly in a paceline without a cyclocomputer. Using a speedometer to keep the speed even when you pull works, but you can do it without a speedometer with just a little experience and self awareness.

We were able to do group rides in the 70's before the popularity of cyclocomputers
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