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If you think the weanie 36V batteries on retail ebikes are scary you'd hate what I've got coming in the post from china...

Lithium batteries are entirely safe so long as they aren't used improperly, meaning that they aren't smacked around, aren't subjected to a bad charging circuit, and have a little bit of breathing space.

The way you use the battery in your laptop is pretty bad, although I don't blame you for not knowing. It's an open secret in the industry that taking a lithium battery up to 100% damages it, and leaving it there for a long time is very damaging. Going from about 10% to 80% charge makes them last twice as long before wearing out as if you go from 10% to 100%. 100% is really like making the Enterprise go Warp 9 - you can do it for a few minutes but Scotty will have a huge mess to clean up afterwards.

A sensible thing for the industry to do would be to limit batteries to 80% in the BMS and advertise them as only having such a capacity. But having them wear out prematurely creates replacement sales.
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