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Yep, Strava is pretty much like Facebook for me, minus the drama. I enjoy both. Since I'm nursing a busted shoulder and can't ride on the road for a few more weeks, I haven't joined any group rides and haven't seen my cycling friends for awhile. But I still check Strava almost daily to see what they're up to . Gives us something to chatter about next time I do see them, especially the folks who are off on cycling and hiking vacations.

It's also handy for sharing route tips. If I'm curious about the best route to a new destination in my area I know at least one person who's already ridden it, and might want to ride together.

I really don't see any down side to Strava. It's sorta like TV. Does anyone watch TV competitively? Okay, bad example... some of my friends are still raving about Breaking Bad, and chatter about Stranger Things, and I still haven't watched either show. So I kinda feel left out of those conversations.

Never mind, you're right. Strava sucks.

At least until I get caught up watching GOT and Walking Dead.
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