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I've got five eBikes, all which I've peeked inside. Some of real sketchy, with dry soldering, and some are pretty good. None are perfect yet somehow it all seems to work.

I have two fire detectors and a carbon monoxide detector, five fire extinguishers in my one bedroom apartment, two extinguishers in my car, and I still wonder if that's enough. I do had renters insurance for all of this.

Honestly having 5000 kWh of batteries, lipo and lithium, in my wood apartment feels sketchy as hell, it feels like a matter of when not if. Still, with all my electric propelled scooters and such, I love them all like they are my children.

If you have a concrete floor in a semi detached garage then that's ideal. Personally I just leave my batteries lying around on my wood flooring while charging (the room gets noticeably hot) which as visitors say is breathtakingly dangerous.
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