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Originally Posted by moth54 View Post
Meanwhile we had several nagging questions about the relatively inexpensive ebike we wanted to buy. The bike was fine. The motor was fine.
The battery and charger, uh, that's when the questions started.
I also couldn't find out who made the battery in the bike or when it was made. I didn't know the brand of cells used, which considering how important it apparently is not to have metal dust contaminate the manufacturing process, would have been nice to know. I also didn't know who had assembled the pack and added the BMS (battery management system.) The battery charger supplied had a UL logo on it, but, it was supposed to be used only with a 'compatible' battery. Well, if I couldn't describe the battery, didn't know the manufacturer, except that it was sitting in an ebike assembled and distributed by XYZ, how could I check if it was compatible?
And I remembered why we fell in love with biking. Simplicity. Relatively low maintenance. Now, we're talking ammo boxes for the dang batteries while being charged, timers to keep one from accidentally overcharging, and life was starting to get complicated again...
You get what you pay for. So cheap noname ebikes could lack the quality of external parts.
But you can stick to well known brands like Bosch or Yamaha.
By the way, my Bosch Pedelec has done 6000km without any service other than oild and replacement parts.
Batteries and charger have all the safety standards which apply in the European Union. Battery pack is made in Poland and has an up-to-date BMS.
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