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Originally Posted by Papa Tom View Post
One of the first things I encourage new riders to do is to be prepared - and not overreact - when something startles you on the road. Inevitably, someone is going to honk really loud, yell something nasty, or even toss something your way. Although I do not obsess and let it ruin my rides, I am constantly tuned into what is happening around me and where there might be potential for somebody to do something stupid. I think one of the most dangerous things a cyclist can do in that moment is lose your cool, so I try to "train" newbies who ride with me to maintain calm by sneaking up on them while they are off the bike and scaring the bajeebas out of them. Then I'll say something like "that is going to happen to you on the road someday and you need to always be ready for it."

They usually hate me for it at first, but thank me later.
I don't agree with your "surprising method", but I do agree with you that "one of the most dangerous things a cyclist can lose your cool". Besides shocking surprises, there are the natural human urges towards territorialsm, aggressiveness and confrontationalism to recognize and moderate as they can also lead to a loss of composure.
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