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Originally Posted by Papa Tom View Post
Yeah, the "surprising thing" is kind of dickish and out-of-character for me, but it apparently works.
I can understand how actually surprising some one would be more effective than just talking about it. I defer to your judgement.

Originally Posted by Papa Tom View Post
I'm not sure what you mean about the natural human urges...territorialism, etc Are these urges of the cyclist, or the motorist? Unfortunately, I'd say they apply more to cyclists than the other way around.
I meant the cyclist. Let me add that one should try to recognize that the adrenaline and endorphines from biking can heighten and escalate feelings and responses. The same holds true for drivers, as most vehicles are still piloted by humans for the time being. I realize motorists aren't physically exerting themselves as a cyclist would, but they still experience heightened adrenaline.
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