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I have seen some horrendously rusted bikes, but for the most part they were ones that lived outside in all weather. If you store your bike inside and do normal care and maintenance you should not have any issue with rust. There are a lot of phobic tendencies here about rust on frames, especially internally, and that sells a lot of products that supposedly treat the condition (the phobia, that is). I have never treated a frame with Frame Saver or the like and have had no internal rust issues on any of the many bikes that I own. I own 7 steel bikes ranging from 20-50 years old. My daily commuter bike, which gets the most abuse, is over 45 years old, ridden in all weather, all year and the only rust is the small amount that forms if I get a chip in the paint and don't attend to it quick. After every wet ride, I just wipe it dry with a damp rag. I do use anti-seize on the BB threads, and grease the stem and seat tube but that's about it.

To summarize: Wipe it down when wet, store it in a dry area, maintain the components, and don't worry.
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