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3 Steels and a Ti for all around use. Which??

Hey everybody, Iíve come to another multi fork in the road for buying a new whip. Iíll be concise about breaking down my thought process as much as possible:
Starting from the top, Iíve been lusting after titanium for quite some time now, but at this moment it simply isnít in the cards financially, the sole exception being the On One Pickenflick. Incredibly affordable for Ti and not bc of poor craftsmanship as far as I could read from the internet. Even won road.cc Bike of the Year back in í14. Unfortunately it doesnít come standard with rack mounts (Iím awaiting reply from them about making a frame that has them) and the wheelbase seems longer than I would prefer compared to what I ride now and what I would prefer out of something new. Also shipping from the UK feels worrisome.
In Tiís stead there are a few steel options Iím considering settling for. The one that I feel would win this contest in most peopleís opinions is the Niner RLT 9 steel. Reynolds 853 frame (if not Ti then damn near the next best thing, save for a small weight penalty), all the rack mounts a commuter/adventurer could ask for, hydro disc brakes, thru axles. Pretty much hits every checkpoint on the list. Except the wheelbase. This bike is pretty much marketed as a dedicated gravel adventurer with no mention of CX capacity anywhere, but compared to a few other racier CX branded frames, 8-13mm of wheelbase difference is almost the only thing that sets it apart. Am I pettily splitting hairs in being slightly turned off by this? Or do any of you RLT 9 owners out there crown it as the ultimate all arounder?
The final two main steel options on my radar are the All City Macho Man or the Bombtrack Hook 2. The Bombtrack sounds particularly enticing to me bc it is the shortest wheelbase and highest BB of any of the aforementioned options and I do want a bike with that kind of agility not just for making rides around town exciting but of course for racier style joy rides as well. Iíve owned an All City Space Horse before and the ride feel on that was fantastic so I do not doubt All Cityís "612 select" steel, but the Hookís Columbus Cromor doesnít sound too bad either and it actually wins in the weight contest with the Macho Man by roughly 1.5 lbs or so (presumably bc of the carbon fork). Both come with rear rack mounts and ordering through Adrenaline I can always upgrade either to hydro disc if I want (both come stock w mechanical which is kind of lame IMO).
All in all, Iím looking for this bike to be strong, durable, capable of carrying small amounts of stuff when need be, and hopefully not too heavy so that it ******* agility/climb ability on days that Iím pretending Iím training for a cross or MTB race (sadly, life is only allowing for one bike in the stable right now, hence why I want this one to be somewhat of a best of all worlds).
Constructive input most welcome! Thanks and sorry for the lengthy ramble.
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