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Originally Posted by ssmorol View Post
Looking at upgrading to a newer used bike...I currently have an old cannondale with rsx components. Should I be looking at something with ultegra or 105 components? Find something with better wheels or just upgrade the wheels on my bike?
Just trying to get an idea of what I can get the most bang for the buck on upgrades as my budget is small...thanks
I have to question "Find something with better wheels" on Craigs List or garage sales, as incompatible with "best bang for the buck". I think that the nice bikes that were hidden in someone's garage for a decade are going to have stock wheels, which may be an upgrade from your bike but generally are wheels you upgrade from, not to. A more top shelf bike may come stock with a great wheel-set but that isn't the bang-for-a-buck category. Especially after the flippers have scavenged them.

So my inclination, bearing in mind that I am NOT a big fan of watching CL for a used bike, is if you want better wheels then look for a good price for a new retail wheelset. Like the Vuelta brand @Maelochs mentioned up-thread. I've got one of their budget level sets (at about half the cost he mentioned) and it's an awesome improvement. There are other brands.

For a retail bike, the "upgrade" over an entry level is 105. A bike with Ultegra is going to cost more, a lot more. For a used bike, if it's truly a great value and you're quick enough to recognize it and snap it up, it might have anything from Tiagra to Ultegra.
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