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Originally Posted by Joe Remi View Post
Yep. The Bromptons that used to command almost-new prices and sell in a day on my area Craigslist are lasting weeks now, some with price drops. I don't think anyone is paying full pop for them.

I purchased a used M6L from Craigslist for $800 in 2005 and it was in fair shape (it was made in the 1990s). I ride that bike everywhere and even modified an ALICE pack frame to carry it on my back. In 2014 I purchased from Kinetics in the U.K. the Sturmey-Archer 8-speed conversion kit (new wheel with 8 speed hub with cables/shifter) - the bike hit a new lease on life and now it is a credible hill climber (42 tooth front sprocket - I don't need speed and I carry a lot of equipment). The sequential 8 speed hub makes the 6 speed it replaced look like junk.

I was thinking of getting the NuVinci kit from Kinetics, but and I just saw an orange M3R on eBay for $899 BIN. I'd be tossing the rear of that bike to fit the NuVinci kit (it come with a new rear triangle), so the damaged rear doesn't matter. I thought about it and the price of the used Brompton is too high at $899, as the you can have Kineics build you a brand new NuVinci Brompton for $1800 delivered. That's only $900 over the cost of the used Brompton - and near the same price if I had just the NuVinci kit purchased. I decided to pass on the used Brompton and sell some toys to fund a new Kinetics Brompton NuVinci for $1800.

Anyhow, I've been watching out for the Helix for years now and even a $2000 price tag wouldn't shock me ---- I just don't believe this bike will come out. I also don't believe the Helix will backpack (they now make a Brompton back pack harness) or travel as well. Further, once you put a Shimano 8 or 11 speed, a S-A 8 speed, a NuVinci, or the Rohloff 14 on a Brompton, I don't see Helix as a much better bike - cause a few extra pounds doesn't mean much to me, but size/portability does.

So if the Helix does come out, I'll wait and get it used - just like I did the Brompton. At this point, all the backers should just get a high end Dahon (nice bikes - they just don't fold as small or pack as neat for air travel) and experience what folding bikes are best for - taking a bike everywhere.

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