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Originally Posted by mstateglfr View Post
same bike?

different speeds, shifters, front derailleurs, rear derailleurs, hubs, rims, cranksets, brakes, brake levers, handlebars, tires, stems, seatposts, cassettes, and more.

this doesnt even address the visual geometry differences...which are significant.

These aren't even close to looking like the same bike.
Exactly. NoControl seems like an ideologue who also seems like a bit of a troll. While I think they're both great bikes for the price, there are significant differences.

The Giramondo has a longer wheel-base and a higher bottom bracket, so it has more clearance but is probably less nimble The Giramondo is more well-suited for unpaved roads and off-road type riding while the Marrakesh is better for roads (both paved and not) and a dedicated touring bike.

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