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Ill let all the famed builders know they are wrong at our next gathering.

also- I receive BQ, so please don't think I dislike the company, but at what point can at least some of their testing be viewed as confirmation bias and performed to market their product?

also, I'm at a loss on the rinard test. Ive read it before- it shows forks deflect. I just googled it because i admittedly dont have an eidetic memory, and again came away with the article being about how forks deflect under a static weight.
ok then.

I was going to post this in the earlier response, but regretfully didnt. The fact that this is such an unclear point(and it is unclear, regardless of claiming it isnt) should give pause to claiming a curved fork absorbs more vibration.
I hate take a page out of the lazy anti climate change folk, but if there is conflicting views, then it isnt clear cut.

All my road, gravel, and touring forks are curved, so I would love to be able to confidently say they absorb more road vibration. Just waiting for some good testing. It's such a meaningless thing though at this point(in reference to how bikes are built now), I doubt it will be done.
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