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Originally Posted by Iambowie View Post

It would interesting to see what offer is made for these bikes. No matter what anyone says, there appear to be zero bikes available for viewing ---- where are all the test/dev models that all these changes were based on?? So to me, the fair price for these two bikes is $200 at best - cause backer that's selling now has clearly given up hope and any $$$ offered is better than nothing.
I have doubt that you'd succeed with that approach. Over time quite some bikes have been transferred by their initial backers, in this forum as well as elsewhere and as far as I got it typically for their initial price. There are many reasons why someone may want to step out. Frustration or lack of belief may be two of them, but after a couple of years it may also be as simple as changed needs, another bike that already got bought in the meantime or loss of interest in the product.

One can assume that the final street price for the Helix may be considerably higher than the price backers paid plus there's a long waiting list already and possibly a even longer one once and if delivery starts.

Chances that this adventure may come to a positive end within something like "foreseeable time" are possibly better than during the last years - so your idea of "200$ is better than nothing and they should be happy about it" sounds a bit simple-minded, to say it politely. If I was a backer and would like to sell an early position in the waiting queue it would clearly not be for that sum - it would probably be a better bet to wait for delivery and hope that the bike performs well, because in that case there would be surely a lot of people willing to spent reasonable money above the backers' price to get one immediately. One does not need to be a gambler to go into that direction rather than to grab 200$ now and roughly loose four to six times that amount for sure immediately.
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