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The backer in this instance says his needs have changed.

Given the nature of the updates we get, I doubt there are any backers on the backer forum at this stage who are thinking Helix will never materialise. It more a question of when at this stage, with a percieved risk around running out of money.

As Belinonaut says, as far as is discernable from the forum, the transfers to date seem to have been for the original pledge price. Most, but not all, are between existing backers. I as a non-backer bought out a backer with a very low order number rather than go with pre-ordering or waiting for the bike to come to market.

I made the decision after reviewing the updates and weighing the relative risks against my appetite and the likely relative savings assuming the bike does come to market. The risk now looks to me significantly lower than it did back then and the savings will be at least the same.
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