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Originally Posted by JohnDThompson View Post
You're not going to find a great deal of weight savings in a bottom bracket unless you go to exotic titanium units from Zeus, Stronglight, O.M.A.S., etc., which would be serious overkill matched with a Maxy crank.

Save your pennies for a full-bike upgrade and replace the current bottom bracket with an inexpensive cartridge unit.
Having the pennies for a complete bike upgrade isn't the issue. The issue is that I really love this bike That being said I have no qualms about spending the money for an overkill BB.

I understand there isn't a lot of weight savings to be gained with a BB, but I've just about run out of places to cut weight that wouldn't drastically alter the aesthetics of the bike (that's why I've kept the Maxy cranks, they are right for the bike, weight be damned). A BB upgrade is hidden weight savings, and I like that. So, let's change the question slightly. How about a high quality BB that also happens to be lighter?
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