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Originally Posted by 1speed4me View Post

Whoís worried? I want the best I can get... or rather, afford. WTF is wrong with that?
Heís just pointing out a valid thought error. If youíre really looking to shave weight, thatís not the place. Everyone keeps telling you this, (literally from the first reply) but okay donít listen. Weíre all idiots. I get it, the bike has sentimental value and you enjoy the aesthetic of it. Itís probably your first tinkering with a bike of this sort... doesnít change what it is... or what it can be. Which was never supposed to be a fixed gear / track bicycle in the first place. IMO look for a quality BB thatís gonna last and do you good... screw the weight aspect. Sorry for the tough love... Youíre not installing an anchor. That is all. Chill

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