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had a head scratcher last night. recently bought another cheap bike computer. same kind been using for years. this one tho came with a different mount & a thicker wire & bigger spoke magnet. the battery was already installed [Vinnic L1142 (H)]. but wouldn't operate. thought the battery might be covered with a clear film as I've seen before. but nope, but I did see some modest accumulation of corrosion. cleaned that out & it worked fine. the computer had a small label marked 2005. thinking the batt was 13 yrs old, I bought what I thought would be a proper replacement (Duracell 301/386). a test at home worked fine. started riding & the computer began flashing a weird display. reset the computer & re-entered the wheel factor. looked fine but when I started riding the display freaked out again. rode w/o it. got home pulled the original batt out of the trash & tested it w/ the front wheel spinning, seems to work fine. put the new batt back in & display freaked out. tested both batts w two separate testers. one said the new batt (Duracell 301/386) was OK, the other showed it was actually barely OK. both testers showed the old batt [Vinnic L1142 (H)] was way stronger. opened another new batt I bought (I bought 2) & it too was weak. guess I'm keeping the batt that came with the computer [Vinnic L1142 (H)] in for now! bought the new batts w cash & threw out the receipt. also these were CVS' lat 2 batts that matched up. guess I'll buy a cpl new ones somewhere else... weird tho cuz these computers usually just get weak by showing a weak display or none at all when the batt dies. been using this type for years. never saw the display freak like that

here's a watch battery cross reference chart that jives with what I've seen so far

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