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I think the choices are actually better for you over there in Mass-- where I am, "cold" is usually ~40. PI Lobster gloves are good pretty much below freezing, So I'd be a sweat machine, raining or not. The same really goes for any rain garment here-- in SoCal, in the rare event that it does rain, we have two choices: be wet from the rain, or be wet from sweat. I've left the driveway on a misty and cloudy morning at around 45, and pulled back into that driveway 3 hours later and it's over 70. I would need to tow a wardrobe to try to keep up with the temperature/humidity changes.

I have those PI fingered gloves from a year or two back, great in sub-40, but don't get 'em wet. The Seirus 1425 was my go-to last winter, I don't know how well they would fare for places where it gets properly cold, but they do well enough here. Not perfect (for me) as their largest size isn't quite large enough for my hands, and an insulated glove needs a big of space inside to insulate really well. Full-fingered glove season isn't even 10 weeks long here, but that doesn't stop me for hunting for a new pair of gloves every "winter." I have like... six pair?
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