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Originally Posted by KingOfTheHill View Post
With small lights such as the Lumina micro series and the Swift series, one would be well advised to not rely on acceptable "to see by" brightness for more than 45-60 minutes if run on the highest setting. While I like lights such as these for size, I really only use them as high-powered to be seen lights in flashing mode or as a backup to my main light (carried in a jersey pocket, pack, etc.)
Even expensive lights rarely run much longer than an hour on the highest setting, like the top of the line Luminas and this Volt 6000 ($800 please). If someone is to purchase one of the best single beam lights right now, I'd recommend Volt 800.

I agree with what you said and thought it went without saying. After all, the thread is "the best headlights under $50", not the best headlights overall, or the best magic under $50. I use the Swift only in flashing mode as a secondary light paired with Cateye Volt 700. I wouldn't expect any magic from a budget headlight; they cost less for a reason.
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