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Originally Posted by Kapusta View Post
Please explain how seat angle could influence or mitigate toe overlap.
Steepen the seat angle, set the rider up in a more forward position so that they're able to use a handlebar that's farther forward, and push the whole front end forward accordingly.

There are probably some *actual* reasons to steepen the seattube for shorter riders; similarly, large frame sizes sometimes use slightly slacker seat tube angles than the middle sizes. Femur length relative to leg length, and flexibility between thigh and torso, could both impact what's optimal.

You do often see differences in head angle and fork offset on smaller frames, and I always assumed that was to help address issues of toe overlap.
It's nice when they change the fork offset when they change the head angle, but they don't always do this. A lot of small bikes have silly high trail figures resulting from taking the same forks used on larger sizes and slackening the head angle to reduce toe overlap.
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