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Originally Posted by Carbonfiberboy View Post
You don't seem to get ti. If one moves the BB further from the wheel, that reduces toe overlap. I don't see why that's not obvious.
Making the STA steeper itself does NOT move the bb farther from the front wheel.

Yes, it moves the bb farther back relative to the saddle (as you mention above). Hovever, it also moves the entire rest of the frame further back (relative to the saddle, if it is not slid fore/aft) including the front wheel. The bb to front wheel distance is unchanged, UNLESS you also increase the fame reach, increase the fork offset, or slacken the HTA.

In the diagram above (with the red and blue frames), The STA and the reach are both changed. But it is the frame REACH that changed the bb to front wheel distance, not the STA.

Also, the frame with the steeper STA in that diagram would actually fit a larger rider, not a smaller one, because you fit bikes by reach (and stack) not STA. A taller rider would more likely ride the frame in that diagram with the steeper STA becuase it also happens to have a longer reach. They would just be more likely to need to slide the saddle farther back on the rails.

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