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Originally Posted by PaulH View Post
With studded tires, I'd ride in. I would not drive. Is coming in late or telecommuting an option?
Interesting to ride in on studded tires instead of driving in. Makes sense.
I like to be in on time vs telecommuting unless driving isn't safe either.

Originally Posted by medic75 View Post
With the freezing rain and the chance of it freezing into a sheet of ice on the roads, I wouldn't ride without studded tires. This doesn't even consider the cars that could be sliding around on the potential ice. As much as you enjoy the ride, safety comes first.
Originally Posted by Daniel4 View Post
Ditto to the previous recommendations for riding in wirh studded tires.

However, as also stated, it does depend of the car traffic. You'd be ok on the trails and bike paths but getting to and from them on the backroads, how fast would the cars be? If they are backed up bumper to bumper, I wouldn't mind riding on the road and filtering between them. But if there's any chance of them moving as fast as you or worse, faster than you, ride as far from them as possible and keep a lookout for anybody who looks like he might be losing control.
It's more like back streets...I get on a main road (35 mph limit) that probably won't be icy for the cars for less than 0.4 miles, then back streets with only a sole car here and there for 1 mile, paved trails most of the way, and last mile is neighborhood streets with moderate traffic 25mph limit.
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